We wanted to make an application for an IOT smart home. Our application doesn't only provide a luxury, taking one less task out of your knightly routine. It makes people safer in their homes. If there is a suspicious figure outside, one can lock all doors quickly and simultaneously. If there is a home intruder, unlocking all the doors and windows can make for a cleaner escape.

What it does

Via an Alexa Skill, one can utter a command and seconds later all the locks in your the will open or close accordingly.

How we built it

Juan spear headed the Alexa Skill. Michale engineered the back end webserver. Victoria lead the front end web development.

Challenges we ran into

Many many challenges. Getting Alexa to connect to our server was the last hurddle to be overcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A big team-building moment for our team was when Alexa decided she was ready to connect to the internet.

What we learned

Great web dev skills and Alexa skill programming.

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