What it does

Perform Series DataTable of Operations on One Go Create Consolidated Data Tables merging a list of multiple data tables where we can also • Dynamically Create new columns on the fly • Apply filter based on some conditions • Sort the data table by desc, asc • Top N Rows • Apply Excel formula on the fly • Remove duplicates

How we built it

AQLString: Lets say there are 4 different datatables with same schema then we can apply a series of operations as mentioned below using this custom activity 1+2+3+4 | Remove-Duplicates | where Salary > 40000 | Order By Salary Desc | Select SNo=Row(SNo), FirstName, LastName, EmployeeName=FirstName&LastName, Salary, EmployeeType , YearlySalary =Salary*12 | Top 5

Note: the above usecase is just an example to show that we can create any such series of operations on the fly with this custom activity

Challenges we ran into

In general, the same series of operation will take around 14 hours if performed manually. With this custom activity it will take just take few seconds to form this query using AQL.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Awesome Query Language is simple text

What we learned

new language and it reduce lots of developer time

What's next for AwesomeDT

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