In case of fire ... #Git #Commit -

What it does

Whenever you don't have enough time to do set of things. Awesome box will help you with just 1 Push on button (The Big Red button)

How we built it

We're using Photon (core of AwesomeBox) and Raspberry Pi 2 as web central service, and some useful stuffs.

Using IFTTT Integration with for more funny.

Challenges we ran into

Do all things we want, Just 1 hit on button. but We don't need to install any SERVICE.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made it for real. We combine Raspberry pi, Photon, IFTTT, mobile, your laptop/PC to work together.

Just push on button. AwesomeBox will do.

  1. Create branch and commit your code to Git automatically.
  2. Remove all secret file on your laptop.
  3. Clear all "dirty" browser history.
  4. Post to social to say : "My Office is set on fire. But my code and me are fine ;]" - by IFTTT
  5. Send mail to your love - by IFTTT
  6. Do anything you want. Just give AwesomeBox your command first.

What we learned

Make decision and get it done in limited time.

What's next for AwesomeBox

We're going to made AwesomeBox smaller, smarter and live long life-time. So can carry it in your pocket. And hit it whatever you want

Do difference action depend on your action. (Tap, double tap, hold,..)

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