Some people, maybe kids, people with disabilities or the elders, may find it hard to manage or understand their spending habbits. The website povides budget managing and visualisation features for the user.

What it does

One account is devided into the admin page and the user page, so that their parents or cares can access the admin page to update the monthly budget. The inputted data is then visualised on the user page so that it is easier to see their monthly expenses.

How we built it

HTML code calls pre-defined functions to display budgets. The python code handles browsing between different pages.

Challenges we ran into

  • Managing IO between the Python code and the HTML code.
  • Type conversions that caused unexpected bugs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a working code although missing some details initially planned.

What we learned

  • Github
  • How to link the frontend and the backend
  • How to work with an external library (flask)
  • Debugging in general

Possible Future Improvements Include:

  • A feature where the user can suggest updates to their budget, which can be approved by the admin.
  • A virtual bank account to demonstrate live changes to the wallet. The balance and the money spent/amount left over shown in the "progress bar" should change accordingly.
  • Smarter progress bars, e.g., negative balance, changing colour, animations.
  • A better and secure login system.

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