Our goal is to raise awareness about the ecological cost of our food production and consumption.

What it does

Our tool provides user browsing recipe webpages such as ( with information about the ecological cost of a recipe in terms of world resources equivalent and carbon foodprint. Additionally the user can load the recipes from the recipe webpages into a meal planner with integrated ecological cost advisor which helps you keep track of the impact your are having on the world with your food consumption habits. The ecological cost advisor suggests you alternative ingredients/products for each recipe which helps you reduce your ecological footprint. This way you will be able to easily lower your carbon foodprint when creating your grocery list and stay competitive comparing your foodprint to the one of your friend and the community.

How we built it

  • Frontend: Vue.js, Chrome Extension, Axios, Bootstrap v4
  • Backend: Node.js, NODE-RED

Challenges we ran into

  • Version control and collaboration with NODE-RED
  • Lack and bad quality of ecological data (carbon footprint of various products)

What we learned

  • First backend experiences with JavaScript for Damiano and Ivo
  • First Google Chrome Plugin for David
  • Francesco extended his knowledge about Vue

Built With

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