Aweare aims to tackle climate change at its root - overconsumption. Sea levels rising, global warming, extreme weather conditions - these are all symptoms of what centuries of buying these we don't need has resulted in. Our global efforts to combat climate change are slower because consumers and businesses are pushing responsibility back and forth - its a blame game. Aweare aims to put responsibility in everyone's hands by creating social pressure for both the average shopper and the clothing companies. We believe that as Aweare trends, consumers will push eachother to adopt more sustainable purchase habits simply out of ethical pressure. Simultaneously, as the demand for environmental footprint information per piece of clothing increases and shareholders begin to take notice, companies will provide this information as a customary accompaniment in their price tags. This is our goal, because the issue of climate change requires a two-pronged approach.

How it works:

  1. The user signs up on the Aweare web app and uploads an image of a piece of clothing their looking to buy. User also enter the material composition listed on the tag (e.g., percentage of cotton, polyester, nylon).
  2. Aweare matches this image with a trained database of images and classifies this piece of clothing with its particular type (i.e., t-shirt, sweatpands, hoodies, button-down).
  3. We use the type of clothing to derive its associated weight. Then we use weight and material composition of the clothing to compute the CO2 emissions that went into manufacturing that item.
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