The Google Slides Presentation There is a conceptual line that we often draw between "regular people" and the politicians, lobbyists, and activists that are partake in politics. People often feel politically disempowered or disengaged because of this gap-- a combination of lack of time, knowledge and interest. Awear seeks to use the concept of everyday activism to close this gap, through making "talking politics" accessible, convenient, meaningful, and fun.

What it does

Our cross-platform app allows users to scroll through various fashion trends tied to certain local political projects, such as the Pussy Hat, Orange Jumpsuit, or a brand of sunglasses made with recycled materials. They can upload photos to these movements. Each of these movements has a page that further explains the meaning behind the fashion trend, as well petitions to sign, local politicians to call, or other small acts that a user can take when they "jump on the trend."

How I built it

We used Flutter and Dart, Google's mobile app SDK for creating native interfaces in iOS and Android.

Challenges I ran into

It was my first time developing an app and using Dart, so I spent a lot of time learning how to install the software to be able to test code on my phone. A lot of time was spent on Dart documentation pages.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is one of the first projects that my group did deep research for beforehand, in order to craft a concept that felt meaningful and effective, but also fun. We spent a lot of time reading about fashion activism and projects of local politics.

What's next for Awear

  1. Deployment - we want to complete the app and have a product that is useable on an App Store to get real interaction and data.
  2. Discussion Section - adding a feature to each movement that allows users to discuss it's merits and the project's effectiveness.
  3. Exploitation and Advertising - finding ways to prevent large companies from taking advantage of the app as a way to advertise and sell clothing, rather than encourage meaningful participation.

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