Awear (like aware but for wearables) is a contextually aware platform for wearables utilizing iBeacons, an iOS app, node.js server, FireBase, and the Myo Alpha band.

We believe that wearables will only be truly smart if they are more contextually aware of our environment.

Too many wearables have bad user experiences because they are limited to only so many gesture controls.

Our hack pairs iBeacons with wearable tech to provide context and general location of a user.

Using the iBeacons, we've created zones where you have access to certain IoT devices based on which zone you are in.

I.E. Your bedroom (zone 1) has a philips hue light bulb and a speaker system connected to your wearables. The gestures you perform are directly tied to the IoT devices within your access zone.

Your kitchen (zone 2) is connected to the kitchen TV and coffee machine. The same gestures you performed in the bedroom now control the devices in your kitchen and has no affect on the IoT devices in your bedroom (because you have now entered zone 2).

The Myo is limited to 5 gestures but now that limit has expanded to the number of zones you create.

Contextually aware wearables (Awear) will be the future of wearable technology. It might not be the Myo Band or the Pebble, or the Google Glass but 5 years from now, everyone will be connected to everything.

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