Travis wants to see his Sox on the road, and Justin takes at least one road trip a year to see the Dodgers in a new city. We want to see more ballparks, reconnect with disparate friends, and watch baseball in real-life on our terms.

What it does

Away Game pulls your team's schedule, lets you pick a date, and then finds the airline flights and MLB game tickets you need. It links to the airline carriers found to buy flights and SeatGeek to buy game tickets.

How we built it

Data sources:
QPX Express API (public flight data) SeatGeek API (tickets, schedules, venues)

Back End: Rest API calls for data. Python/Flask app to process.

Front End: Angular to display results, allow user to pick dates/flights/tickets. Angular Material for aesthetics.

Challenges we ran into

Rate-limiting on QPX API. Calendar integration. Time crunch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We took a stab at real flight data, real games, and got a prototype up and running!

What we learned

Although flight data itself is easy to find, booking travel is more complicated than you'd expect. Justin learned about flask/angular. To do this seriously, it would make sense for an existing travel site (required infrastructure and data, private flight data, too)

What's next for Away-Game

Live data sources. Richer calendar integration for game selection/flight selection (place games on a calendar). Full return trip booking. Share itinerary with friends. We want to encourage others to come with. Housing options, Tilt to consider sharing fees.

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