I have heard a lot of cases of people being under stress these days (under lockdown). They o under deep thoughts that in turn is a site for negative thoughts and they usually end up being mentally disturbed or do something wrong. So I thought of having a website to boost them up or giving them some hope even if its 5%.

What it does

It actually gives you guidelines to follow if you are under stress or depression. It also gives steps to people who see other people under stress, like what they can do to help them. I have actually integrated a payment gateway API just to learn how to do it. It doesn't accept real payments rather its just for trail payments, in form of a donation button

How I built it

I used Html5, css3, javascript, bootstrap, PHP, and more to build this and learn everything due to this hackathon.

Challenges I ran into

as a starter, I usually faced problems in giving elements of its correct position and making the site responsive. I also ran into a few problems connecting backend and using payment gateways but I learned and did it in this time frame

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of that I actually did it in a given time frame and learned a lot of things.

What I learned

as a beginner, I actually learned a lot of things from using responsive design to integrating gateways and using API

What's next for Awareness about Suicide Prevention

Next, I would like to make it a best page where people not only come up and know few things but also put in some inputs about how they feel and contact someone on the website anonymously and share their feelings.

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