During the recent pandemic time, Government authorities faced difficulty to cluster the infected people and insolate them. The main problem was to identify the immediate cluster of the infected subject. To accomplish that there should be a log of which places the subject has travelled. In our country (Sri Lanka) before the pandemic, there was no mechanism to track the spread of such diseases. Also during the pandemic there ware some check-in mechanisms to be followed in the shopping-malls. etc, But that was not ideal, as some people tried to ignore the process. This problem inspired us to develop a solution for which can be used not only in the COVID pandemic but also in any type of diseases spread.

What it does

Basically, this solution consists of two main actors. One is the citizen who installs the Aware-Me mobile application on his/her mobile phone and the other one is the Government authority who's responsible for the disease spread Control.

The mobile app will frequently send the users data to the cloud database and will receive the tokens of the nearest users. The tokens will store in on the mobile device for 21 days(this will be able to change from the admin end).

When there is an infected person, the Authority will flag that certain user through the web dashboard.

How I built it

We have used the React-Native for the prototyping. And the firebase as the backend. In the future implementation, the backend will be implemented on the AWS.

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