Awakening is a single player virtual reality top down action role playing game inspired by Diablo, Path of Exile, and Zelda. It makes use of head tracking to allow the hero to target vulnerable spots in monsters. Awakening also makes use of head tracking to cast neat spells and order minions.


Head tracking targeting - both locking on and unlocked
Head tracking ordering your minion.
Fixed follow camera view minimizes motion sickness for a great VR top down view experience. (Out of testing with 10 or so people.)
Attempted Graphics Optimization: Only rendering close objects(instead of geometry) in stereo (Did not make the cut due to a confirmed Unity 5 bug - )


Moga Pro Controller Gamepad:
Left Stick - Move Right Bumper - Lock on/Unlock
A - Jump
B - Cast spell
X - Scythe Attack
Y - Summon & order undead

For those of you who can't use attacks I've also bound the attacks to these keyboard shortcuts. You can try out an app like Tincore Keymapper to remap the keys for your gamepad.

Keyboard commands:
F - Lock on/Unlock
Space - Jump
Q - Scythe Attack
W - Cast spell
R - Summon & order undead


You can target the wings on the Dragon. If you deal enough damage to it you will injure its wings so it can no longer fly. The dragon may be a lot easier to deal with on the ground.

Ancient tales tell of a complicated ritual where you have to move up and down and left and right a lot. Performing this sacred dance is supposed to unlock the powers of the universe.

We have a playthrough video here (has spoilers!)

Development Hardware

Game was developed and tested on an Exynos Note 4 Lollipop 5.0.1. The game was tested using a Moga Pro Controller set on B mode.

DK 2 Version

Free Download


Randy Martinez - Founder/CEO, Lead Engineer
Melvin Tan - Engineer
Eric Covarrubias - Level Design
Jeffrey Clark - Additional Design

Special Thanks

Nathaniel Doldersum for Terrain Composer and for helping me export our terrain as a mesh (which really helped on performance.)

The game is made by Incendiary Games Inc., an independent startup virtual reality video game company.

Built With

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