Nowadays, people from all over the world use social media to share any distress felt by them in the real world. Likewise, citizens in Pakistan use Twitter and Facebook, the two most popular social media websites in the country, to share their opinions, ideas and problems. Most of these shared problems remain unheard of as other popular hastags get the spotlight. For example, if the Pakistani cricket team is playing a match, instantly hastags related to this game become popular. On the other hand, there may be citizens in Pakistan who are tweeting about a prevalent issue in their community but it never makes it to the most popular tweets list on twitter.

Awaaz is all about giving voice to the under-represented issues in the Pakistani community through social media data analysis and data visualizations. Our target audience are journalists who might be interested in reporting citizen issues in their respective media outlets. Awaaz will let journalists know what people are saying in their community. Once they are directed to the right issue which needs to be highlighted, they can make certain verifications on their own and report these issues in the media.

We are proud that our tool can give intelligent information not only to journalists but to other communities: businesses, activists, researchers etc.

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