Problem Every 40 seconds someone in the US with cardiovascular disease (CVD) is dying. CVD affects millions of lives and is the number 1 cause of death in the United States. Most of the people with CVD are 65+ and have to change their life enormously. Heart disease in the US is increasing very fast. By 2035, 45% of the total American population (about 131 million people), will have at least one health problem related to heart disease and the costs will triple to 1.1 trillion dollars (American Heart Association – AHA).

CVD disrupts people’s lifes. Challenges with this are the use of medication, monitoring the daily lifestyle and finding a good daily balance between movement, relaxation and food. The use of medication is a major problem in this case. Patients with CVD have to take many different medications and most of the CVD patients are older, which make it for them more complex. This leads to major consequences, such as the fact that one in five errors with medicines is associated with CVD drugs and two-thirds of deaths are from Heart and painkillers combined. The use of CVD medication will grow extremely with more risks and consequences.

Patients with CVD have to do regular visits to the hospital for check up, to make sure that they are doing okay and that their medication is working well. During this, measuring the health of a patient is only done at one specific moment. This means that vital health indicators are potentially measured at the wrong moment. Analyzing the patient should actually be done when the patient is experiencing situations of stress, not in a controlled environment with a doctor alongside them. (Prof.dr. Angela Maas: MD, PhD, FESC, Cardiologist for women).

Solution Avy is the smart partner for your heart and helps people with CVD manage and control their lifestyle. Avy helps gaining new insights through multiple sources of data and the use of AI, and gets to learn the patient. With Avy the patient is being helped step by step on a daily basis. This is mainly done through helping them in taking their medication correctly, and by finding a good balance between moving, relaxing, and food.

Because the progress and data can be shared with medical professionals from Saint Francis, family members, friends, and pharmacists, the patient always has access to receiving immediate help when their data suggests that things are not going well.

To make it possible that the medication is always taken on time, and taken the right way, Avy will send a notification when its time to take your medicine. Along with that Avy will supply a short instruction to make sure the patient is taking the medicine correctly. When the patient runs out of medicine, he or she will also be informed, and a notification can be sent to the cardiologist and/or pharmacist.

Because many CVD patients are older than 65, and are not always able to utilize smartphones, Avy is also functional and compatible with Google Home and Alexa. Through these voice assistants elderly people will easily be able to use Avy in their daily life.

Benefits Avy makes it possible to get new insights through continuous measuring, which the cardiologist can access the data of when its showing red flags.

Problems related to medication, such as the wrong dosage, wrong way of taking it, or forgetting to pick it up, are now in the past. Avy always ensures that the patient is being helped with his medication and creates a record of feedback along the way.

Because of this the cardiologist has a good overview of what the patient actually takes, and what feedback they have. Because this information is saved in Avy, we can reduce the need for regular checkups when the data is showing to be positive.

With Avy the patient interaction is centered. Saint Francis would have a service and tool they can give to their patients and improve their lives.

When someone has a huge chance on getting CVD, for example because of high blood pressure during pregnancy, Saint Francis would be able to offer this tool and start taking on a huge challenge for the entire country.

Potential Because avy is an app that can be used by every person with CVD, is this the first connection between Saint Francis Heart Hospital and a new potential patient. This makes it possible for Saint Francis to offer their other services to this person as well.

Future In the future it will be possible to connect a smart wearable to Avy. Dit ensures that we gain data from the wearable, which increases the insights and allows us to adopt Avy better to the patient. This could flag potential emergencies at a earlier stage. By connecting Avy to patients and learning to know them, Avy can be the platform when it comes to CVD data.

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