British holiday makers killed in a massacre by a gunman in Tunisia, after a bomb exploded at a Kuwaiti mosque and a man was beheaded in France - these event happened two days ago and we felt we need to do something for all tourists to be safe when travelling! And even when you are in a "safe" location, you can never be safe.

How it works

It is a platform from which you make a selection of either a country, city or an event that you want to check out. Using our algorithm and searching through social media feeds come up with a safety recommendation for you. Using this information you can make a much more informed decision to whether you want to go to places such as Tunisia or not. We have also linked AVOID to your smart-watch to track your heart rate and if any sudden changes occur, we send you a notification checking if everything is ok. If you are fine then you simply say yes to the notification. If not, press no and we will automatically call the emergency services and send your geo-location and help will be on its way!

Challenges I ran into

I struggled getting tons of APIs to work together from Twilio to Google map to Sabri. Also getting the app working with a team of two with only one developer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Trying to attempt to solve major issues in today's world and making a kick ass app working!

What I learned

The importance of having an amazing team!

What's next for Avoid

We want to get access to secure data sources by governments on security alerts to let the public know of any imminent threats on the go.

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