Inspiration: We love coding for more than a decade. We started to code from our 6th standard and computer was our soul.

What it does : We here have developed an app which have the best algorithm for slow internet connection in India.

How we built it: We used WordPress as management tool, we created WordPress plugin using PHP. Our website contains html5, CSS and many other languages.

Challenges we ran into: Ah... Its a big story. Actually we didn't really prepared for this program. Frankly speaking we didn't thought of getting selected for this program and exactly 3 days before we got to know about this program and all in a hurry we havn't completed even the 10% and everything that you see today is just a matter of 8 hours! We know we haven't done it well but we did our best

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Ya... from 175 team we made it to semifinals! we are really proud of it! Actually we were planning to make an artificial intelligence based app but time didn't helped us.

What we learned: we have learned that a great team can make great miracles.... Because we never thought of such a big event .

What's next for Avis: Actually we are really professionals in Artificial Intelligence but because of shortage of time we couldn't do it! ...Actually we have an OS powered by AI.

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