The Pandemic is disrupted everyone’s lives. Either we can choose to succumb to it or rise above it with creative solutions and “Beat the Pandemic.” One of the most pressing challenges of this pandemic I have noticed is mental health issues that has arised from the pain of following rules that change our normal fun routines. My inspiration to the project has been that we should share creative and fun ways with our community so we can help people still have fun along with following the rules. This will help save our lives the ones we love. My game “Avery in Lockdown” is just that. Following any rules can be boring and painful for some but when they see that there are life threatening consequences and we tell them that in a fun way like through playing games they will tend to follow them more willingly. This concept has been my inspiration to create a game that will share the creative ideas of how we can have fun even in trying times of a pandemic while staying safe.

What it does

The game I've made is an interactive game. It is themed on a girl named 'Avery' who is bored during the lockdown. It helps the community understand the rules and regulations to be followed during the pandemic through and interesting game.

How we built it

I first drew a mind map on how the project will look like. I plan the code in a way that each option the user chooses changes the story line of the game. I added multiple endings to make the game more interesting and unique. I decided to add different level to make the game more interesting and fun. I did an alpha test, noted the errors down and fixed them in the code.

Challenges we ran into

I faced many challenges but was able to overcome them. Some of them were 1) Changing of backdrops - I did not know how to add multiple backdrops but i experimented with a few codes in the looks Tab and found the solution. 2) Adding a mask to the character - I did not know how to add a mask, but i found out that i could edit the sprite and thus tackled the problem. 3) Adding qstn & answ - My code mainly consists of what the player inputs when he/she answers a question in the game. It was a huge challenge at first but i solved it using codes from the control Tab and the operating tab.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that i got to participate in this wonderful and creative event. I am proud that i could complete my interactive game in 24 hrs. I realized that if i could teach safety and hygiene protocols to the community, especially children like me, through a game, it would be a fun way to learn these practices. Lastly, i am proud that i was able to tackle all my problems all by myself.

What we learned

I learnt many new features of scratch like adding of backdrops, changing the costumes of the character, editing the character and many other features like changing the size of the sprite. I learnt that I could change the position of my characters. Lastly, i learnt that i could add sound to scratch projects.

What's next for Avery in lockdown!

I would like to add a bonus round, on the topic of vaccination, as it is equally important to get vaccinated. I would like to make a version 2 of my game. where if you don't wear a mask, the police will chase you.

I would also like to add a level 5 where we party at a friend's house following social distancing. This will introduce new characters, new questions and also a couple of more new endings!

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