Our group was made up of five very diverse and distinguished voices. We all had passions and things we cared about deeply, so we weren't sure how we were ever going to be able to come up with one topic! But as we discussed, we all realized how important female empowerment was to all of us. And how women are oppressed with micro-aggressions on the day to day without a second thought. One of those being, the conversations we are expected to hold in public. As women we are expected to talk hair, makeup, what we ate for dinner; nothing too deep or made of substance. As we researched we discovered that this expectation affects our lives negatively in so many other ways. We were shocked to find out that abstaining from conversations like those around business and finances- which boys more comfortably discuss- we miss out on opportunities to enrich our lives and practices. We wanted to do something about that.

What it does

Our app takes everyday information about a persons salary and how they spend it monthly to conceptualize how they are spending, and how they can optimize their spending habits.

How we built it

Our app is IOS Developed on Swift using the language Xcode, but we all took turns coding, developing UX/UI, researching, and interpolating data.

Challenges we ran into

We were super excited to work with firebase on this project, and although we were able to set up our very own database, due to slow speeds and crunch time it wasn't able to make it in our MVP. In our next update we'd be sure to implement it!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so proud of being able to set up a database in the first place and being able to interpolate data within a single compiler-run app.

What we learned

We learned that there is nothing wrong asking for help, and team work is absolutely everything!

What's next for Avere

We want to implement our firebase database so we can roll this out as a real app for users all over!

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