Maybe you have an hour between classes, an afternoon to spare, or a weekend in a new city. You want to find something to do, experience new things in both familiar or distant locations. However, it's late, it's cold, maybe it's raining, your wallet's empty, or you don't have a car. Online searches don't consider these factors.

Aventure (TM) curates location-based recommendations by analyzing environmental, personal and trending aspects. We consider the details so you can spend your time experiencing the city.

What it does

By analyzing several static and dynamic aspects, including budget, time, day, weather, temperature, distance, transport types, and more, we personalize recommendations that best fit your preferences. Experience new music, food, landmarks, events, and more with Aventure (TM).

How we built it

Through Figma and Principle prototyping, SaaS and Spring development, we built a POC demo of Aventure (TM).

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Realization of an idea despite a team of strangers and heterogeneous skill sets.

What we learned

Exchange of tech stack knowledge.

What's next for Aventure

Design and implement of unexplored aspects that were outside the scope of the demo.

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