Tinder and the feeling we get sometimes when we're bored at home with nothing to do

What it does

When the user opens Aventor for the first time, they're prompted to select from a list of event-based interests such as "meetups," "parties," "games," and "spoken word." Using the Eventbrite API, Aventor queues up local events near the user for the user to swipe through. The most relevant events are shown first. Each card shows a picture, the title of the event, and a short description. The user can swipe through the events and choose to either "pass" the event or save the event to a calendar.

How we built it

We only have pictures/sketches of the project.

Challenges we ran into

We were considering making a web based app through a framework such as Meteor. However, we know barely any Javascript, JS frameworks, or JQuery. So, we could not build it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with an original idea that has not been implemented according to our research.

What we learned

Through the QueensHack workshops, we learned a bit of JavaScript,, and a bit about JavaScript frameworks as well as using Git for project management. We also learned what we need to do from this point onward to make our app a reality.

What's next for Aventor

Learning Javascript and implementing a basic version of it and then porting the application to different platforms.

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