Especially as a student, to-do lists and other organizational tools can make the day easier and help you to save a lot of time. There are many tools out that already help you to get organized but many of us still fail to stick to the plan. We don't know which task is most important and eventually become lazy and, even worse, sometimes miss our deadlines. This often also has to do with a lack of motivation, even though we all know that achieving our goals requires us to constantly be motivated.

What our product does

Our avatar connects to your Wunderlist account and tracks your progress throughout the day. Based on how productive you are, the avatar motivates you stay focused through compliments and encouragements.

The main idea is to coach you by quantifying your performance - and who'd be better at doing this than a computer? Established time management methods, such as the Eisenhower-principle, are used to evaluate the perfect time to complete the task based on criteria such as importance and deadlines.

This priority determines the impact of completing a task on time or missing the deadline. Using these features, the avatar evaluates your daily performance that determines its "mood", therfore creating a very unique way to interact with you.

Instead of using a single app to represent the avatar, we provide an entire platform that integrates into various aspects of your life. The idea behind this is to have a constant companion that helps you managing your tasks - no matter where you are, what your lifestyle is, and what device you're using.

How we built it

A Python-based web service accesses integrates into your Wunderlist account and applies the evaluation algorithms on the input data. The calculated mood is accessible through a RESTful API and is propagated to IoT devices using the Azure IoT Hub.

This flexible interface allows us to interact the avatar through various devices, such as your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, the Nao robot, a Raspberry Pi, and many more.

What's next

We already have many ideas where we can take things from here. First of all, we can greatly improve on how we determine the avatar's mood (fine grained priority model, more advanced machine learning approaches, etc.). Avatify can also help you be more productive by rescheduling your daily tasks based on priority and urgency. This rescheduling could be further improved by connecting to your calendars to determine the optimal time slots for you to work. And, of course, we want to bring the avatar to many more parts of our daily lives.

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