Winning Tickets in a Video Arcade is Awesome - the current prizes you trade them for, currently kind of suck.

Adding a Redemption Robot (Kiosk) at the Arcade's Redemption Counter that allows people to exchange their prize tickets for the latest video game item on the Blockchain is AWESOME.

There is not a general marketplace for video game items, so we expand on our concept to include a general purpose Marketplace and Auction site for Blockchain based Video Game Assets.

To show functionality and because we felt we just needed more to do, we decided to show the functionality of how this will be used for storing and auctioning of MMO profiles. We integrated this with Browser Quest, an open source MMORPG. We link your Avatar in Browser Quest to the blockchain as an ERC721. We show you buy an avatar from the marketplace. Play the game to modify the avatar. Then relist the avitar into the marketplace.

What it does

Allows players to browse, select, and purchase ERC721 assets. Also allows players to list their Assets for sale or Auction.

How we built it

Solidity Opensource MMORPG Browser Quest React

Challenges we ran into

Time - We have a smooth UI designed, but ran out of time to implement the graphics. Spent that time debugging functionality / smart contracts. Convert the game's database to interface with Blockchain. Learning React Feature Creap

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Interfacing the game's Database to the Blockchain

What we learned

React Layer two scaling solutions

What's next for

We have an invitation to exhibit this at IAAPA November 12-16 in Orlando Florida. We also have a deal to test the Redemption Robot with one of the top Family Entertainment Chains in their number one location in Singapore. If that test goes well, we can roll the Redemption Robot out to over 5,000 locations around the world and connect with over 30M players a month who are exchanging redemption tickets for prizes in arcades. They represent over $78M in purchases a month just at the arcades. We believe the customers on-boarded through the Arcades will translate into 10x the revenue from further online sales each month through their social networks.

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