We feel that all environmental concerns—air pollution, water waste, littering, etc—is interconnected. Thus, it's impossible to address one without addressing the others. In order to better educate consumers and everyday people alike on environmental sustainability, we created Avatar.

What it does

Avatar is an Android app that drives, educates, and challenges everyday people to master their control of the environmental elements.

Our philosophy is built on the concept of strength in numbers, where many people can make a difference through a combined effort. Avatar assigns small, actionable, daily goals for users to complete that compound in benefits over time. These goals/tasks are organized by type into four categories: fire, earth, air, and water. Users can gain mastery over individual elements, level up, and become an "avatar".

How we built it

We used Adobe XD to mock-up the user interface; this served as an opportunity for not only determining visual design direction but for our overall app concept.

Next, we moved into Android Studio to code and bring the app to life. We split the app development into a front-end and back-end, and we periodically merged our work along the way.

Challenges we ran into

  • Translating the UI mockup into XML code. We quickly discovered limitations and workarounds of using the design versus text view.
  • Using java to pass the data between different activities. Since we didn't know how to do this initially, we consulted the internet to find a solution.
  • Storing and retrieving local phone data.
  • This is our first hackathon, so we struggled to find a platform to develop on because we did not have overlapping skill sets. **But, these seemingly-unrelated skillsets helped us bring new perspectives into our designs, and create a strong application—in both concept and functionality.**

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We're really proud of our application's UI. We were able to find a strong design direction and create a visually appealing and efficient user interface.
  2. We're also proud of our collaborative teamwork and all that we learned throughout this first hackathon. We're looking forward to attending more later!

What we learned

We learned how to communicate effectively, navigate Github faster, and added new skills and concepts to our toolbelts such as XML, Java Intent, and more.

What's next for Avatar

Pitch Presentation Slides

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