We intend for this game to be able to be immediately picked by millions of people who are bored while their secure browser loads. As such, we designed the game taking inspiration from the Google Chrome Dinosaur, the Youtube Snake and Flappy bird, all pioneers of this genre of the absurdly simple.

How we built it

The game is built on the game engine Phaser 3 for Javascript and html5. We coded the game, drew our own sprite animation assets from scratch and produced original background music for an engaging gaming experience. Sound effects were taken from free sound databases with appropriate licenses.

Challenges we ran into

As we were beginners in using this Phaser 3 game engine, as well as web development in general -- we only discovered the debugger console 19 hours into the hackathon, and were basically coding in text editor and purely using the browser output to debug. It was an interesting experience to code essentially blind, only to find out exactly how blind we were much later. It was also a major challenge for us to find a way to keep the game intuitively simple while teaching some knowledge about computer security, as there was great tendency to conjure up plans for interesting game mechanics that would have clogged up the simple gameplay that was necessary. We did our best to balance the simplicity required by the themed challenge while making our game unique and creative by relying on educational infographics, design aesthetics and polished execution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

None of us had any experience programming in Javascript or html and it was challenging to produce a minimally viable product in such a short amount of time. Our dedicated artists also slaved night and day to draw and animate all the inspiring visual assets and the energetic background music.

What we learned

Press [F12] in the browser for the debug console. Proper project planning is important, although perhaps less important than the ability to pull an all-nighter in this context. We tried to keep a fairly modest and achievable target, to produce a smooth and polished game instead of aiming for radically creative gameplay.

What's next for Avast! Browser Game

We feel that the assets and basic gameplay are polished enough to allow further expansion into more complicated game mechanics if required. These include differentiation of enemy (virus) behaviour, player weapons, item pickups, and harder gameplay modes, such as acceleration control or increased gravity.

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