Avast is dedicated to creating a world that provides safety and privacy for all, no matter who you are, where you are, or how you connect. We work everyday to keep the world safe online. This is why we were inspired to create Avast Academy.

What it does

Avast Academy content portal functions as a digital library of originally written expert guides, tips, and advice in areas of digital security, privacy, and device performance for a wide audience. The users come to the portal from an organic search by asking particular questions, find information and advice of their interest, and download our products.

How we built it

Our two designs have been built into Hubspot CMS. The first (or "old") design that can be seen in locales like Czech has been built using the Landing Page functionality in Hubspot. The newer design has been built using the Blog functionality, which was a challenge but allowed us to create a complex and modular code for Hubspot. The portal has been structured and optimized from the best UX perspective and informational value, best SEO practices, and demanding performance goals. The articles contain device platform dynamic CTA buttons contextually positioned in the content, bringing the user a fast and simple solution to the problem.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges, starting with the logic behind the partial templates used in the page, like for example how to properly select one template or another according to different variables in custom modules in our blog posts. Another challenge was the localization of the page since we had to create a way to use just one template and have the page localized into many languages and be ready for upcoming languages. Also, we faced issues with some Hubspot limitations, like some functions that have a limit of elements (for example, listing of articles) so we had to think out of the box to make sure all our needs are covered.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the whole project itself. It has been a difficult and challenging project but the final result is amazing, not only for the final user but also for all the Avast teams that have access to it. Also, the way we created the project allowed us to easily escalate it and use it for other pages like AVG Signal or AVG Press.

What we learned

We learned a lot of things! From a development point of view, we've been able to test many Hubspot functionalities, knowing what are the limits or the advantages of many things. We've also learned how to approach difficult situations while coding with HubL which provided us with great information to apply in future projects. We also learned a lot from an SEO point of view, making us pay more attention to details that were unknown to some of us.

What's next for Avast Academy

Avast Academy will expand its newer design to more languages and will include new functionalities that will provide a better experience to the final user. And of course, new content is being added every week to make sure visitors have the most updated information regarding digital security, privacy and performance.

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posted an update

As Mirek said in the comments section, it's worth mentioning that we used a unique approach to convert standard Hubspot blog functionality to a mini-site MVC (Macro View Controller) approach, where we can easily handle categorization, translations, CTA injection, and multiple platforms support.

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