Introducing Avanti:

Sometimes we sit inside all day, even though we would like to get out and be more active Fitbit is a great wearable device that lets us know how active we've been and how many more steps we should take However, where should we go to achieve our daily step goals? Should we just walk around aimlessly?

That's why we built Avanti - an app which lets you know great places to see around you, and at the same time you can make sure you will achieve your step goals

Avanti connects to you Fitbit account in order to see how many steps youve already taken, how much distance youve travelled, and how many steps you still need to do.

Then we have calculated which locations in your area you should visit in order to achieve your step goals, and how far you need to go. These locations are marked on the map.

As your steps increase on your Fitbit, Avanti will update your step count and keep track of your location.

We have some more exciting features planned.

For example, we would like to make the starting point and ending point of your trip more flexible. It will be neat to see how many steps each leg of your trip will take. You can see in advance whether your trip will help you reach your goals.

Also, We would like to filter the locations by type. For example, special events can be shown, how many steps it takes to get there, and also how many steps are expected on site of the event.

Furthermore, Avanti will provide recommendations if it sees that you and your Fitbit friends have not reached your goal. You will all be invited to an event which is in close location to everyone!

The initial version of Avanti is now availble in the Play Store

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