We were inspired by online quizzes and tests from Buzzfeed or Kahoot. We wanted to create an interactive interface for users to learn and have fun. In this case, there are many beautiful landmarks in Canada which people do not know about and we aim to inform others about these through a virtual experience.

What it does

Our code was specifically made as a small interactive quiz involving Canada's provinces and their landmarks. When starting the game, there is an interactive map where you click on the provinces and you are able to choose a landmark. Once you click on one, you will then be quizzed on that landmark. The goal is to learn about the landmark and to get as many points on the quiz!

How we built it

Programming (Python): Using the pygame modulo in Python, we were able to create a graphic based quiz. We collaborated through Discord and Visual Studio Code. Using the Liveshare extension on VSC, it allowed us to make real-time edits allowing us to work efficiently as we knew what sections needed to be worked on.

Graphic Design (Photoshop): In our quiz game, we have multiple screens for each scenario such as the title, map, instructions, and quiz screens. All of our artwork was created solely in Photoshop. The photos used are public domain, and free of copyright.

Challenges we ran into

We are fairly new to pygame so it was a struggle to learn as we coded our game as there was a restricted time limit of 24 hours. Also implementing classes was hard for us to as we weren't entirely familiar with the concept of them, but we were able to push past that and successfully use it in our code to make it more efficient and easier to use. We also ran into problems such as generating our multiple choice quiz on the screen.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An accomplishment that we're proud of was successfully implementing classes into our code. As we are first years, we don't have much experience dealing with classes. In order to create our quiz game, we had a class called Question which easily create question objects and stored their answer which could be easily called on.

What we learned

Taking on a game such as Discover Haven posed many challenges for us as we had to step outside of our usual programming boundaries and learn new things such as python classes and pygame. We also learned how to work efficiently as team because we had a 24-hour time limit and it is important to communicate with your teammates in order to finish a project.

What's next for Discover Haven

We enjoyed creating this quiz game called 'Discover Haven.' We learned a lot about coding in different modules and we learned new things about some of the landmarks.

Next Steps: We hope to successfully complete this code for the other provinces and to try to improve on the interactive aspect of it! We would also like to include more visuals per province to emphasis on the beauty of the landmarks.

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