Make the world a better place! Imagine if diagnosing yourself was as easy as creating a game character.

What it does

Simplifies interactions with the otherwise confusing healthcare System

How we built it

java android studio frontend and ruby on rails backend, using the axa api

Challenges we ran into

merge confilicts

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create a convincing prototype that illustrates our vision for the future in personal health care.

What we learned

Within merely 40 hours, we were able to come up with a genius idea, create our first software prototype and envision potential future improvements for our system. This showed us that we are capable of much more than we might expect.

What's next for Avacare

We would like to automatically infer possible treatments for recorded symptoms allow for a more accurate preselection of patients. For the most convenient applications for both patients and physicians, the system can be adapted to automatically make appointments for doctors. This allows for quicker access to healthcare for patients and cost savings for healthcare providers. In order for more accurate longterm diagnosis, the patients can use the app in the future to self-report their personal health which can be checked by doctors before appointments.

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