There are tons of sick people in need and tons of great treatment, but there are too many barriers that keep them from working together.

What it does

Ava is an application that breaks down these barriers in two ways: increasing consistency and accuracy of self medication, and increasing response time and effectiveness of emergency treatment.

How we built it

The most critical part of our building process wasn't any of the tools, languages, or systems that we used, but effective teamwork. We split up the work load and synchronized our progress through Github and by using other source control tools provided by Python, such as virtual environments and req freezing.

Once that is established, it's just a matter of hacking together something that excites and surprises us!

Challenges we ran into

Syncing work is tough, but a well thought-out application architecture and a healthy amount of learning about source control goes a long way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're most proud of the magnitude of the app's potential for having a wildly positive effect on the world. Ava is truly out to do something good.

We're also fairly proud of the size, scale, and scope of the app. It is built with a scalable architecture, contains many salient features, and is rather large, even for a four person team.

What we learned

We learned a ton about the tools that we used, whether it was sending and receiving text messages on the server, managing the database, or handling the mobile client's communication with our server, and all of the third party servers that we used.

What's next for Ava

Ava can only move forward. Hopefully she will save some lives!

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