In the age where our lives are tied with the technological advancements, it is not a surprise that most products and services are already being automated and digitized. The financial sector is one of them. Through these automated services, such as online payment and banking services, bank-related transactions have become convenient and easy to access. However, this is not the case for all of us, most especially to the minority who are treated differently— the persons with the disabilities and elderly. Were they considered when these applications were designed? Do they also experience the convenience that most of us do?


The digital technology has been evolving day by day. New innovations and discoveries, such as digital payment services and online shopping, are helping the society to ease the access and process of the usual activities by any individual. As technology becomes more connected, this also leads to the digitalization of wallets that offers convenience among users in paying and storing their money. However, issues concerning inclusion and diversity are still rampant and not all individuals have an ease of access to these types of applications as some of them may have impairments.

This challenge is preventing them from accessing financial institutions and services, may it be in physical or in digital. Even with assistive technology present in their devices, they are still having a hard time using this as not all financial applications are built with persons with disability in mind—making them financially excluded and dependent.

Banks and credit unions miss out on revenues and the opportunity creating sustainable, long-term relationship with this large untapped market. With AVA, we want to build a financially inclusive digital banking experience and open access using APIs.

Meet AVA

A.V.A or Accessibility and Vision Assistant is a mobile wallet application that has two different modes: accessibility and vision modes.

Accessibility Mode 💜

AVA can function as a screen assistant and is capable of drawing over other apps that are not easy to navigate and access. As your assistant she will perform and automate actions on your behalf with just a voice command. So instead of user painstakingly swiping through the whole screen locating each buttons of his other banking apps. User can now simply say to ava "Transfer money from my savings account to [other account] amounting $100." Ava will then automate the process (SHE CAN TRACK YOUR INTERACTION WITH AN APP OR A HARDWARE SENSOR AND INTERACT WITH APPS ON YOUR BEHALF) by combining all the accessibility features of their device with powerful machine learning.

V-PAY: Mobile wallet 💜


Built from the ground up with accessibility in mind by combining talkback feature and haptic feedback with digital signal processing algorithms.


Action-oriented voice commands and chat features through a combination of machine learning and chatbot.


Equipped with anti-fraud features that secure user account using the latest voiceID and touchID technology.

A-EYE: Vision Mode 💜

Designed to identify text, barcodes, banknotes, and documents using machine vision and imaging technology.

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Persons with Disability

The primary goal of AVA is to assist the persons with disabilities and elderly while creating financial transactions with the help of our virtual assistant. This allows them to be independent in making their own financial decision. We also want them to feel secure while making transactions despite the need of giving out personal information.


43% of the unbanked with disabilities don't have enough money to keep in or open a bank account. With vPAY this will enable them in opening and accessing their funds through the wallet SIMPLE, FAST and SECURE


No need for maintaining balance and huge bank fees to access financial services such as Add money, Pay bills, Fund Transfer.


By partnering through merchants we want to make these services more accessible and by stream lining the process of using these services making them more autonomous in their own financial decisions.

Financial Institutions

Banks will be able to reach out to the untapped population and create a stable relationship with them. With the help of AVA, customers will no longer have the difficulty to open accounts or make transactions as the virtual assistant can also be used through their own mobile banking applications.


We will work hand in hand with Finastra using the to integrate Open APIs for the financial transactions made in our V-Pay Mobile wallet.



• Azure Cognitive Services - (Computer Vision)


• Azure Cognitive Services - Neural text-to-speech (TTS) • Speaker Recognition | Microsoft Azure (VoiceID)



Machine Learning

Fusion Fabric APIs

• Payments • Transfer • Accounts and management

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