A lot of people who need help are not being helped because most of their help requests do not reach to volunteer organizations or to people who can help. As an example, according to the International Labour Organization, the coronavirus crisis is having a devastating effect on employment worldwide, with more than one billion workers at risk of a pay cut or losing their jobs. There are a lot of families staying at home having barely food to eat, no money to buy, and no mask to wear. A lot of mental issues and suicide cases are rising among them all around the world because of financial and other problems during strict quarantine periods. So people who need help, love, and support are not only inside the COVID19 wards. But Why don't most of them staying at home get help? Well, it is because they are not being known. Their help requests might not reach to people who can help. There is a weak engagement or interaction between them and volunteer organizations or people who can help.

But how can we help them engage with people who can help?
Is there any platform that is user-friendly for all people to help them know people who need help in real-time and encourage them to help each other?


The motivation for our project was to create a community-like application where the users can engage with people who need help and then extend their help and support to the community. The need for such social interactions among fellow neighbors was deemed extremely important, especially during times like these where actual physical contact is no longer possible. It was our aim to recreate this sense of community within a digital world with dedicated functions for specific tasks so as to make the experience accessible to all

What it does

Our application as a whole is intended to recreate several aspects of a typical well-functioning community, but with somewhat more emphasis on social help and philanthropy.

The main functionalities include the following:

1)Ask help: In this part, potential help-seekers can post their respective problems which they need help with, along with their contact details. These will be compiled and will be posted in the “Help Others” tab.

2)Help Others: Once the help required by others is posted, they will be displayed here where people willing to do some philanthropy or those who want to help a fellow community member out, can look through the various requests posted by others and contact them in case they are willing or able to provide the help required by the help-seekers.

3)Activities: Now, these are incorporated to instill a healthy and competitive nature within the community to accept and complete certain tasks that are designed to be good for both the community and nature, which once completed, will result in the accumulation of points that go towards ranking the individual on the leader board.

4)Events: Various events such as cultural, recreational, etc. can be listed in order to create a sense of community and togetherness among the users. They can make use of this feature to conduct several meetups too. These events can be looked upon by the user, and if they interest them, they can add it to their calendar to set a reminder for the event.

How We built it

We built it using flutter, a cross platform development framework, packages, Firebase Cloud Messaging API for push notifications

Challenges we ran into

  • Communication with different team members who are in different timezones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of finishing the app on time which seemed like a tough task as we started working on it quite late due to other commitments.

What's next for Auxilium

We will always encourage altruists to always be kind and sympathetic to each other. Our world needs a lot more people with love, kindness, and sympathy like them. In the future, we will add more strong-security features to help users feel safe and comfortable on Auxilium. QR code systems will also become live in the future. People who help, like volunteers, will be able to scan the QR code of people who ask for help and gain points. Also, we have a strong will to help not only the people but also our planet. So, we will be adding another portal for all users to perform environmental caring tasks and once they accomplish them, they will get points. The points they gain will be exchangeable for discount cards and coupons as well. There will be a weekly and monthly leaderboard, where the top “Good Samaritans” will be displayed.

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