We seek to make life easier for people with disabilities, the elderly and anyone who needs help

What it does

Connects various daily appliances to internet to be controlled by a mobile device. Included functionalities -

  • Visitor notification with face recognition
  • Door opening with mobile device
  • Extendable to any device with on/off states
  • Simple communication severely disabled patients like those suffering from Locked-in syndrome

How we built it

We built a Internet of Things network using various technologies to interact with each other. Bluemix, IoTF, Node Red - Internet of Things server Android Studio, Retrofit - Mobile App Spark core, Particle, Java - IoT devices Muse, Python - Signaling for severely disabled

Challenges we ran into

There is very little support available online for Bluemix and we ran into a lot of roadblocks. We ended up changing our solution and technology a lot of times because of this. We had to establish communication between 4 different things: a door camera app, an app for turning lights/doors on or off, a Bluemix server that did all the processing and a Spark core that showed the status of the locks and lights. Integrating various APIs like Twilio and Alchemy was also challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Establishing communication between 4 different apps, learning a lot of new technologies that we had never worked on before and successfully completing our first ever IoT hack.

What we learned

Bluemix, Node Red, Retrofit, Spark

What's next for Auxilium

Connecting with more devices, using more public APIs for automating tasks and build a seamless integrated hub for controlling all devices connected to the Internet of Things are some of the things that we are planning to do next.

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