We wanted to give an audience more say in what they listen to at a gathering. Whether it is a friendly gathering, club-event, or streamed event, AuxGate will provide an intuitive and easy way for hosts to gauge the interests of their audiences by providing a gateway to hook up everyone’s phone to the aux cord.

What it does

AuxGate is a web application that allows hosts to make events tied to a certain playlist. From these events, they can invite guests via a url to give song suggestions and vote among songs. This app uses the Spotify API to choose tracks and create playlists. After an event, any invited user would be able to download the playlist to relive their time at the event.

How we built it

AuxGate was built upon a AngularJS, Node.JS, Express.js and SQL Server stack. On the front-end side of things, AuxGate used AngularJS (along with JavaScript, HTML and CSS) with a Foundation-for-Apps UI Framework. The Backend consisted of Express.js that was responsible for relaying information from the UI to the models in the SQL Server and communication between the Spotify API. The application was built and hosted using Microsoft Azure.

Challenges we ran into

For all of us, this web-app was the first one we’ve made that has had full integration and abstraction from frontend to backend. We had to learn how to successfully use REST APIs in order to communicate between the user interface and models. For many of us, it was our first times using node.js so setting up the projects and overcoming dependencies was difficult at first.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of accomplishing to create a functional full-stack web application, especially one that communicated with REST. We are proud of the ease of use and aesthetic appeal of our application as well.

What we learned

We learned how to make REST APIs. We were also were given a chance to work with Microsoft Azure, which for most of us was our first cloud service.

What's next for AuxGate

-Add an in-browser live music player -Incorperate live-steam chatroom compatibilities via Twitch APIs -create a community hub for popular events/ events new you

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