AutoZoom is a way for students to organize the massive amount of zoom links they have for class, extracurriculars, and other special events. Our project helps students keep track of all of their classes and meetings and notify them once they have to join. This way, they will never miss a meeting, or even be late for one.

What it does

AutoZoom allows the student to directly join the Zoom call from the app, meaning the student does not have to go through their email, and manually enter the Zoom link every time. This streamlines the existing jungle that students must currently traverse through to ensure that they aren’t missing out on crucial lectures, tutorials, or labs.

How it was built it

The front end of the app uses the Electron framework along with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The meeting details are inputted into an HTML form and stored in a Firebase database. This is exported into a daily schedule with a button to join the current meeting.

Python opens the zoom app and opens the join meeting function. Then the meeting link is stripped to find the id and this is entered along with the password. It checks the meeting time and compares it to the current time. finding the meeting that is coming up. The app will give you reminders 15 minutes and 5 minutes prior to the meeting start time. When it is time for the meeting, you are prompted to open the link

What I built for Local Hack Day: Build

I decided to re-brand the website using Canvas mockup.

Built With

  • canva
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