For all members of our team, this was our first Hackathon and we all had limited skills coding. Hence we thought we could use the skills we already had and try to create a project to the best of our abilities. We thought we'd look at problems we faced and decide on an idea to work with.

What it does

Made a UIPath robot to read data from an excel and deliver messages on Instagram or WhatsApp based on the specified date mentioned Note: Currently the project remains as a script which runs on UIPath studio, hence only machines with windows installed will be able to download the software directly. Other OS will require to install the software on a virtual machine.

How I built it

We used UIPath Studio and Excel to create a work sequence

Challenges I ran into

Getting the bot to send messages only at a certain date was a problem due to differences in date string conventions across applications. However, we were able to format it to make it work in the end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

After much struggle trying to create another idea, the team unanimously came together and helped finish this whole project in one night. Rest assured with more time the project will see much more improvement and be much more functional

What I learned

We don't always have to jump into learning complex frameworks or be an extremely skilled full-stack developer to make something useful. Sometimes using the skills we have and making something that can be useful is better than making an elaborate project with no particular endpoint.

What's next for AutoWisher-UIPATH

Our team is hoping to convert this script into a function for calendars or messaging applications available on all devices. We also hope to host the robot on a cloud computer (secure with your logins) and run every day at 12:05 AM or a specified time

Built With

  • uipath
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