Basically, French homework takes forever to do and is mostly repetitive work. To save one's time with their homework to focus on subjects that more greatly require their attention, I've designed an application that handle at least part of the work, allowing students taking French class to be more efficient.

This program accesses an online textbook, choosing a section (that can be changed), then scraping the terms from that page using ORS. From there, it creates a Quizlet of the vocabulary.

I followed the UI Starter's course. From there, I decided to use similar techniques in the program. I first let it go into VHL and access the data. Then it went into Quizlet and transferred it.

I ran into a series of challenges. The biggest on was learning how UiPath worked. From there, much of the syntax was unfamiliar and needed to be searched and learnt. In addition, at first, the text wasn't reading properly. I had to utilise the magnifying glass to enhance the quality to better read the text.

I'm really proud of the accuracy of the text and that it's functional.

I learnt how to use UiPath and how awesome it is. I look forward to using it in the future!

I'm hoping to add a UI and make it more user-friendly.

Built With

  • uipath
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