Imagine it's your mom's birthday. She wakes up and spends the whole day without a simple happy birthday text from you because you're just too busy to remember. Next time you reach out to her asking for some more homemade chocolate chip cookies things could get awkward.

Don't miss out on chocolate chip cookies. Don't forget to send a happy birthday text to mom. Install AutoText today, the app that lets you enter texts and select a day and time for the app to send later.

Currently, the app exists only for android but we are looking to expand into the iOS market. Due to time constraints the app is solely a minimum viable product. Although many bells, whistles, and pretty design features may be absent at this point, the app exhibits basic functionality. We are following Eric Ries' Lean Startup Build-Measure-Learn Methodology. We are eager to get consumer/user feedback at this point to "measure" our minimal viable product and "learn" from their suggestions and needs to build an even better AutoText.

Please check out our app at our booth!

Thanks! The AutoText Team Allie Howe (front-end development) Aaron (middle, systems development) Steve Smith (back-end development).

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