One of the biggest problems we constantly have faced when interacting with insurance companies lies in the process of filing and receiving insurance claims. When one of our team members got into a huge traffic accident (luckily everyone was safe), they had to wait over 5 weeks before they got their claim back for their damaged vehicle. After hearing this, we knew we had to pursue a fix for this extremely lengthy claim process.

What it does

Autosurance is meant to integrate into an auto insurance firm's claim process. Typically, there are three very time-consuming steps in filing for and receiving a claim. This process is automated effortlessly with Autosurance, where you can file for a claim, have it verified, and get your money back to you--way faster.

How we built it

Our machine learning solutions were solely created using AWS SageMaker, which provided a really convenient way to train and create an endpoint for our two models; one of which is for crash verification (image classification), and the other which is for cost analysis (regression). These endpoints were linked to our software's backend using AWS Lambda, an extremely convenient gateway connecting AWS and our website. Our CRUD operations run on a Flask server which acts as an intermediary between our AWS S3 buckets and our ReactJS front-end.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a lot of problems setting up AWS Sagemaker and getting Lambda to work, as all of us were extremely new to AWS. However, with help from the awesome mentors, we managed to get all the machine learning to work with our back-end. Since our project has such a diverse stack, consisting of AWS (Sagemaker, Lambda, S3), Flask, and ReactJS, it was also quite a challenge to integrate all of these components and get them to work with each other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really happy that we managed to get decent sleep were able to create an interesting solution to such a far-reaching problem and had tons of fun.

What we learned

We learned tons about using AWS, and are really happy that we were able to make something useful with it. All of us also got some great first-hand experience in developing a full tech stack for a functioning app.

What's next for Autosurance

We want to have Autosurance integrate into a current insurance platform's web or mobile service, to be able to perform its intended use: to make filing and receiving claims, really frickin' fast.

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