The inspiration behind my idea comes from the fact that I’ve been reading articles about the concept to clear space debris some far-fetched some holding great potential but the very long procedures of making those ideas a reality hinder the whole mission and hence the number of debris increase and we can do nothing. Hence, I wanted to create something for this cause because I am very passionate about space exploration and I do not want that in future we may ground all the operations just because we can no longer deploy any satellite over the earth on low-orbit because there is a very high chance of collision from other satellites.

What's next for Autospades - Automated Space Debris Extraction System

I hope to have my idea reviewed by the current researchers and engineering in space technology and science to know what the potential of Autospades is and in what ways it can be enhanced. Once it is done I wish to take this idea and get it approved for development or further research. Once that is done it will be an app that can be used by mission control centers all over the world!

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