What it does

AutoSeeker allows users to search through youtube videos using keywords.Once the user is on the UI, the user will paste the url of a youtube video in the appropriate text box. They manually type out specific keywords. After submitting this information, AutoSeeker downloads and gathers information about the video like timestamps of certain events, subtitles, and direct quotes if there is a speaker. AutoSeeker then processes it and parses the users' keywords and relays the first instance of a keyword occuring.

How we built it

AutoSeeker was built with python in conjunction Microsoft Cognitive services.

Challenges we ran into

Deployement of the FLASK application to the Microsoft cloud, parsing the Microsoft cognitive APIS to build relevant models, inferring commands using natural language processing, tying everything together.

What we learned

We learned how to use Microsoft APIs and apply them to a real world application.

What's next for AutoSeeker

Possibly moving to other video platforms asside from Youtube as well as an interactive speech feature where the user will be able to speak directly to the webapp with their microphone.

Built With

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