I have been dealing with car wash when I used to work at gas station. I can see whats people feeling when they buy car wash, Its great they love it But the process of doing Automatic car wash is gaining pain at payment. I want to make automatic car wash completely independent so that it can run all 24 hrs a day and customer does not need to go in the gas station store to pay for it.

The way I can achieve that with the primary plan. We can invite all the carwash owners to sign up and establish their store. Once its done they can put 5-10 codes in their account that they want to sell. As a local customer I will go online and buy that code and do the car wash at anytime with no need of access to store , wait in line and thinking about paying with bitcoin is also something very amazing in the market.

Now Lets talk about future cars like one without gasoline. They does not need to visit the gas station at all. People like that will have ease and access to all the gas station are out there with the car wash.

Lets talk about business model. People will be benefited by Monthly plan for car wash. Do 5 for 19.99 or the price we decide by more research. Ease of doing carwash nearest to you with the same plane. Owner is very happy. We can find many places to make money out of it. Search ranking, monthly plans, fees and many more.

Think about it if you have all major city connect in this pool. It will be very big.

-Dhruv joshi 415-794-6778 joshi@mail.sfsu.edu Car wash ig growing industry. As per statistic 5.8 Billion dollar revenue in 2014.

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