About Us:

AutoScrub is Online Store for Car Wash. We invite Businesses to come and join the pool and manage their online profiles. Main idea behind this that instead of having 100000>more websites pages. We will Create nice and easy interface for business users and this way we will have healthy competition between car wash businesses and people get benefit.

Target Users:

Our main target is people who owns a car and who perform car wash about 2-3 times a month. We want to create subscription plans for people and they can use the car wash anywhere they want. We will also allowed the people who does car wash by hand to open their stores and give them access to managing tool.

Key Features:

-Able to Search/Select and Pay to nearest Car Wash -No need to step outside and Pay to the Station Master - Pay online and get CODE -Accessibility to Use Multiple Car wash without binding.(Subscription Based) -Business Owners can Manage store online from Home

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