This solution solves multiple problems, specifically not being interrupted by unwanted calls of ANY kind, from unknown callers, including Robocalls. On your mobile device, set a SILENT ringtone as the default for all incoming calls. We provide this in iPhone .m4r and MP3 (Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.) formats. Next, create and assign a Talking Caller ID ringtone for each desired caller, using our AutoRingtone service and apps (AutoRingtone, Ringtones Uncensored, Ringtones EURO, or Ringtone Director, in free or PRO versions) The ringtone will speak the phone's owner by name and announce the caller's name and/or title. For example "Attention, Batman. Your phone is ringing. Commissioner Gordon is calling. Batman, please answer the phone." The Talking Caller ID ringtone can be prefaced by an optional introductory sound effect, to get the user's attention. There are 50+ Text-To-Speech voices and 200 sound effects. Ringtones EURO offers Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German and more voices. This is a proven solution, used by millions of users, and has won awards from (Best Ringtone App 2012), and two of the Top Three spots at in January 2012.

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