Many companies use Atlassian Confluence to host their technical documentation, internal wiki, blogs and for knowledge management. Although usage of Confluence pages is extravagant, often the content in these pages can get too long, monotonous and quite frankly, boring! While people are reading such articles, they zone out frequently and lose track of what's going on. Also, if they want to revisit the content of the page, they end up reading the whole article again which really is a waste of time.

In this process, there is a lack of feedback; there is no one to test you if you've really understood what you've been reading. What if there is a mechanism that automatically generates a quiz for any Confluence page that you read to evaluate your understanding?

What it does

AutoQuiz is a macro for Atlassian Confluence that generates Quiz automatically using Natural Language Processing. Users who read Confluence pages can use AutoQuiz to evaluate their understanding of the content that they read.

Many organizations use Confluence to host Compliance related documents which the employees need to read mandatorily. Such companies can request the employees to read the documents, take the AutoQuiz and submit the results to their Managers or HRs. This process can help the companies ensure that their employees understand the critical policies such as Security, Privacy, IT equipment use and other HR policies.

Employees who revisit a page can take the quiz before they read the page to understand the topics that they are mostly weak in or the topics that they don't have a good understanding in. After the quiz, the employee can concentrate on reading only that part of the document rather than reading the whole document.

At AutoQuiz, we want to make the lives of employees and employers who use Atlassian Confluence easy! There are many use-cases in which AutoQuiz can be useful other than the ones listed above. What are you waiting for, start AutoQuizzing!

Want to try AutoQuiz? Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Add AutoQuiz Macro to your Confluence Page
  • Step 2: Users can click on "Start Quiz" button to Generate Quiz for the Confluence page that they are reading
  • Step 3: Quiz is generated right below the page content. Take the AutoQuiz and Enjoy!

Demo of AutoQuiz - Quiz on Atlassian Confluence

Alt text

Demo of AutoQuiz - Quiz Results on Atlassian Confluence

Alt text

How we built it

We built it using Atlassian Forge, Forge UI and Confluence APIs. Natural Language Processing Module that generates quiz is written in Python and it is exposed to the Forge App as a web API. Using AutoQuiz is easy, all that you need to do is add it to your page and click a button!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build apps very fast using Forge was very easy. It was a great learning for the both of us. We would definitely love to build more apps for Atlassian Products using Forge.

What we learned

We learnt how Atlassian Forge could be used to build apps for Atlassian Cloud products. Building the app using Forge was a great experience as it does most of the work for you. All we need is to code!

What's next for AutoQuiz

  • Add feature to add custom questions to the list of AutoGenerated questions.
  • Give a customization feature to the user to choose the maximum number of questions the user wants to generate.
  • Add a feature to generate a Certificate and Store the result on completion of the quiz.
  • Add a feature to generate questions based on the images and videos used in the Confluence page.
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