We like food ans fish!

What it does

Auquapoincs systems use fish to nitrogenate water which then gets pumped into a plant bed where the plants filter the water and absorb the nitrogen before returning it back into the tank.

How I built it

Time, 3d printer, acrylic, laser cutter, flask, raspberry-pi, motor, temperature sensor

Challenges I ran into

Literally everything. Acrylic takes 20 hours to dry, our 3d printing took 12 hours, we don't have fish or plants yet. We got locked out of the building we were working in for 6 hours.....

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole project. We're actually going to use it in our apartment to grow herbs we can cook with.

What I learned

A lot about fish and plants, more than we wanted to know about raspberry pi GPIO pins, and that getting locked out of a building that has all your stuff in it is a really bad feeling.

What's next for Autoponics

Growing herbs on our window sill!

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