Taking care of Maslow's physiological needs for you, one head of lettuce at a time.

What it does:

Grows stuff for you with least amount of maintenance and cost as possible.

How I built it:

We winged it.

Challenges I ran into:

Winging it is hard.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

It works!

What I learned:

Winging it is hard, but it's so easy to learn a lot really quickly by diving in head-first.

What's next for autonoponics:

Build a user-friendly GUI to enable parameters to be editable and different hardware to interface. Then we scale it up!

Components used:

Arduino Mega 2560 Atlas Scientific pH Probe Atlas Scientific tentacle multiplexer Atlas Scientific EZO pH circuit DHT11 Temperature and Humidity module 1x Red LED (to represent water heating coil) 1x Blue LED (to represent water cooling system) Grove light sensor 1x white LED (to represent grow light) 1x motor (to represent pump) 2x switches 1x LED's (to represent feed motor) 2x LED's (to represent acid dump and base drop motors)

4x transistors 8x resistors

Built With

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