Collecting water samples is a necessary step that precedes any analysis that tests for pesticides, bacteria, or volatile organic chemicals. The traditional method of collecting the samples involves the physical presence of the researcher who fills in a container and brings it back for analysis. But often this procedure represents a huge challenge.

In fact, especially with increased cognizance of serious environmental and ecological problems, a safe and efficient way of collecting samples is in high demand. Several ideas have been explored where drones strapped with cameras take photos of polluted / damaged sites, but no definitive design has emerged, especially within the realm of physical data collection.

Our system seeks to combine an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and a water sample collection device to provide a cohesive aerial drone system for collecting water samples at pre-­defined locations. The system includes a quadrotor / hexrotor aerial drone programmed to move to pre­-defined locations based on GPS and water sample collection device that can store multiple samples without cross­-contamination.

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