I was inspired by machine learning and A.I and wanted to work on it. To make effective models for social well-being.

What it does

It uses face recognition deep learning model made in python to recognize person and if that person is authorized or known one then door will open for him of that place or office using hardware system.

How I built it

It is built using deep learning model made in python also one virtual environment connected to model in python and association with Arduino Uno.

Challenges I ran into

challenge was of making a physical model at home and due to pandemic I was unable to make profound big model of door and hardware system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even with small door physical model system is running very nicely that as it recognizes person as authorized door gets open for him.

What I learned

I learned how to connect ML & DL model with other software and with hardware system also and make solution for problems.

What's next for Autonomous security guard

In future days I will make this into more sophisticated hardware part and also physical model .

Built With

  • c
  • coppeliasim
  • deep
  • embedded
  • jupyter
  • learning
  • lua
  • notebook
  • python
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