I was attending a seminar by Dr. Nick Gans in UTARI and he was speaking on autonomous navigation. I was always interested in how droids would change the future in rescue critical missions. So an idea kindled in my mind.

My project is based on using feature point extraction and solving a bunch of polynomial equations which aid us to ultimately estimate the camera pose (Translation and Rotation)

We used the algorithm ( Work of Kaveh Fathian and Dr. Nick Gans) and implemented it on our AR-Drone 2.0 and got some really decent results.

One of the motors of the drone was damaged while performing test flights. Therefore, we had to use Microsoft airsim to basically run the code on a simulation of the real world with a quad rotor flying in it.

We are really proud that we were able to use a brilliant algorithm into something that can help mankind in novel ways.

We learnt how to use unreal engine and airsim which is a pretty good simulator to test unmanned vehicles.

The code is in batches of python and MATLAB. We are currently working towards the development of the code for this algorithm in pure C++ and Python. Build an API where a consumer who has a regular drone can send their ARM based drone to do specific missions. We were also kindling the idea of incorporating deep learning and reinforcement learning to basically make our product more robust and state of the art.

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