I am an Indian & my childhood went in village. India is a 'Krushipradhan desh' i.e.- country where agriculture is main business. My childhood itself I have saw people farming and various activities involved in it. I have also seen farmer takes so much efforts and face trouble while growing plants & because of their hardship we get food to eat. So I though if I am making a project then it would be great if this project can help to reduce their troubles and efforts in terms of physical hardship and financial one.

What it does

This project model or bot will help farmer in cultivating their land & also simultaneously sow seeds in soil. This is a autonomous bot or model where it will do all work of its ( cultivation & sowing seeds) and farmer can control functions of bot from a distance without making much efforts using a application on mobile which would be connected to machine or bot.

How I built it

I have built a miniature model for this project. For that I have used some hardware configurations along with mechanical components. I made a chassis and made a mechanical structure over it for purpose of cultivation and sowing seed. Hardware configurations include Arduino, motor driver, Bluetooth module, motors, switch, breadboard. Using Bluetooth communication connection between bot and mobile application is made.

Challenges I ran into

Firstly my thought was of making bot automatic and now also it autonomous only, but question was how to operate it from long distance this was challenge which I thought but I found it by using Bluetooth a key to operate bot from a distance.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project can really help farmer in terms of saving their efforts both on physically and financially. on an average trackers cost 6 lakh Indian rupees and many of them make pollution so this project is really nice that it won't make pollution and very less it cost compare to other cases. It is easy & comfortable for farmer to use & it will reduce load on farmer of work and money.

What I learned

I learn how I can make very useful product from simple methods and tools. Also I learned how we can control things or machine from from distance this will help in further more projects.

What's next for Autonomous farmer friend

Next stage for this project is to make it more multitasking so that it wont only help in farming or cultivating purposes but also it can use this remotely controllable feature to monitor plants and updating farmer about temperature moisture, humidity etc. also can modify project to know that if plants are growing well and if any quick action to be taken the can inform farmer.

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